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Shawn Lane
Shawn Lane


Shawn Lane was an American musician who quickly became a noted player in underground guitar circles and joined Black Oak Arkansas when he was just fourteen years old.He is best known for his solo album Powers of Ten and his long stint with former John McLaughlin bassist Jonas Hellborg. Lane is also well known for his shredding skills. Guitar World magazine writes, "Few, if any, guitarists can play faster than Lane could, and his arpeggio sweeps and precision picked lines blasted more rapid-fire notes than the average human mind could comprehend".
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Instrumental Rock, Fusion Albums by Shawn Lane
Shawn Lane - Powers of Ten

Powers of Ten

Shawn Lane - Abstract Logic

Abstract Logic

Shawn Lane - The Tri-Tone Fascination

The Tri-Tone Fascination

Shawn Lane - Icon: A Transcontinental Gathering

Icon: A Transcontine ...

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