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Neil Zaza
Neil Zaza

Neil Zaza is one of the premier guitar players in the world and best known for his instrumental melodic rock compositions and adaptation of classical works into his own blend of neoclassical, melodic, guitar instrumentals.
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Instrumental Rock Albums by Neil Zaza
Neil Zaza - Two Hands, One Heart

Two Hands, One Heart

Neil Zaza - Thrills & Chills

Thrills & Chills

Neil Zaza - Sing


Neil Zaza - Staring at the Sun

Staring at the Sun

Neil Zaza - One Silent Night... Volume 1

One Silent Night... ...

Neil Zaza - One Silent Night... Volume 2

One Silent Night... ...

Neil Zaza - Melodica


Neil Zaza - When Gravity Fails

When Gravity Fails

Neil Zaza - 212


Neil Zaza - Clyde the Cat

Clyde the Cat

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