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Sloe Gin


Sloe Gin  (2007)
"Sloe Gin" is Joe Bonamassa's seventh studio album, released in 2007.
Joe Bonamasso has mastered the guitar like few blues and rock players have. His sound has tastes of Led Zepplin, Bad Company and many other great 70's bands. But more than that he has surpassed the style and built his own.His music talks to the heart because that's where he's playing from. "Sloe Gin" is a somewhat of departure from 2006's "You & Me". While the guitar is still featured prominently, it is more in service of the song than on any of Joe's previous releases. What you get instead of his trademark searing guitar work is complicated guitar runs and riffs. There is also way more acoustic material than on any other Joe release, as this was originally intended to be an all-acoustic album, until Joe decided instead of meld together electric and acoustic. A real guitar virtuoso, Joe knows how to produce and deliver the blues and he seems to never run out of fresh way to interpret the material.
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