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Had to Cry Today


Had to Cry Today  (2004)
"Had to Cry Today" is the fourth solo album by Joe Bonamassa released in 2004.
Bonamassa sought to showcase the "heavier side of blues" on his fourth studio recording, "Had to Cry Today", emphasizing the approach used by the classic English blues-rockers. And he does just that with a hyperactive "Travellin' South" that Ten Years After would have been proud to claim and a hard-edged remake of the B.B. King hit "Never Make Your Move Too Soon". The title track, a Blind Faith favorite, is transformed into a frenetic live jam while Lowell Fulson's "Reconsider Baby", a staple of Bonamassa's live show, is given an extended workout and features some of his most potent blues licks. He races through "Revenge of the 10 Gallon Hat", a country-flavored tribute to mentor Danny Gatton, and the rapid-fire, Al Di Meola influenced closer "Faux Mantini." "Revenge of the 10 Gallon Hat", is Joe's ode to the late Danny Gatton. Joe country picks with the best of them here, and if you didn't know better, you'd swear it's Mr. Gatton himself.
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