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Unfinished Business



Unfinished Business  (1987)
The album is typical of Gatton's eclectic mix of American roots music. In the mix of Gatton originals and Standards and Classics there are two bonus cuts: "Nit Pickin'" which was a Guitar Player Magazine soundpage from 1989, and did much to bring Danny's phenomenal Guitar playing to a wider International audience.
There is something special about Danny Gatton and this CD is no exception. Perhaps it is his choice of songs that he covered such as "Canadian Sunset" from his "Redneck Jazz" album. The album itself is probably one of the best, if not the best "showcases" for Danny Gatton's prowess as a master guitarist. A wide range of styles are covered, notably jazz, rockabilly, and the unmistakable signature "Les Paul style sound on sound" riffs (listen to one of Paul's albums and you will definitely hear the connection).
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