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Setzer Goes Instru-MENTAL!

Setzer Goes Instru-MENTAL!  (2011)
Gretsch master Brian Setzers first ever all instrumental album is a serious guitar record, but it also showcases the artists many musical moods: Big-band jazz, distorted rock n roll, bluegrass picking, surf noir, and Stray Cats era rockabilly are all showcased on this collection of covers and originals.
The album is a difficult one to pigeonhole. Setzer fuses bluegrass, rock, rockabilly, and even surf music all together, leaving his indelible stamp upon the resulting mixture. It is also a different type of guitar album. There are no Clapton or Beck imitations, nor are there any heavy metal or hard rock pyrotechnics. Setzer channels the likes of Link Wray, Dick Dale, and the Ventures. As such, it falls into a niche that may not please everyone, but those who appreciate the guitar should enjoy it.
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