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Guitars & Other Cathedrals

Guitars & Other Cathedrals  (1990)
"Guitars & Other Cathedrals" is a 1990 album by Adrian Legg, released on the Relativity label.
Adrian Legg is not only one of the most technically brilliant guitarists we have ever heard, he can blend folk, classical, Spanish, English folk, Celtic, jazz, bluegrass, and occasionally a bit of country into a complex, fluid, ever-changing piece that is as emotionally gripping as it is technically perfect. Never before have I heard someone so capable of bringing so many distinct forms together so coherently, and never does Legg display this better than on the title track to this - his first album.
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Updated October 24, 2012 at 10:53 AM EDT
Hi, we met Adrian in Issouden at the guitar festival, Mike and Chris Gledhill were playing too. Adrian is very unique and we thouroughly enjoyed his music!
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